Our team at First Rate Lawn Care & Pest Control is dedicated to meeting all of your lawn care needs. We understand what you want for your lawn – lush, green, and an aesthetic complement to your home or business. From weed control, fertilizing and total lawn maintenance, we’ve got you covered. We take into account your lawn’s unique needs as well as your individual desires, creating a lawn care and maintenance plan that will help you achieve beautiful results. Or do you have stubborn weeds that keep popping up again and again, no matter what you try? Let our skilled team at First Rate Lawn Care & Pest Control help you maintain a lawn program with 6 rounds of weed control and fertilizer! We provide complete weed control services to keep your lawn free of weeds. Our herbicides will control the weeds without damaging the health and growth of your lawn. Our goal is to get rid of the weeds for good!

To learn how we can meet your lawn care needs, we welcome you to contact our Oklahoma City, Oklahoma office today and ask for a free estimate!